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Computer Suddenly Slow – My System is Slow, How Can I Fix It

Have you been wondering – “Why is my computer suddenly slow?” This probably happens to most of us at some point. What was once a very fast computer can suddenly become bogged down and act sluggish. Well my first recommendation when asking “why my system is slow”, is to not automatically assume you need to get an upgrade or buy a new system. This is the biggest mistake I see folks make. They trash their current computer and spend hundreds even thousands on new equipment.

Well it is very possible to fix a suddenly slow computer. You can even make your computer run like new. What you need to do is perform some speed tweaks to fully optimize your system.

Why is my computer suddenly slow

  • You have too many startup and other programs running in the background. What this will do is eat up valuable RAM. Many of these programs run silently and can cause sluggishness without you knowing. Cut down on these programs by using the MsConfig command or installing software to get rid of them for you.
  • Not utilizing the disk clean up and defragmenter. Microsoft recommends you run each once a month to maintain system performance. What these do is clean up valuable space and speed up the way your computer accesses information. You can run these programs yourself or use software to automate the process for you.
  • Too many errors and corrupt files in the registry. The Windows registry is the most important area of your computer when it comes to performance. It controls information to run all software and hardware on your system. Unfortunately it also gets congested with errors and corrupt files which will make your computer suddenly slow.

If you are sick of asking why my system is slow, then perform these three tweaks to speed up your computer. You can attempt to do them yourself, or if you are lazy like me simply download software to do it for you.

  1. daisywee
    December 23, 2009 at 4:15 AM

    Yeah, I agree with your opinion that there are many ways to fix a slow computer and maintain PC performance. But to my own experience, a simple disk defragmentation can not be missed when trying to get a faster computer for it helps to easily make the computer run faster by rearranging them stay at the same single place and insist on regularly defragmenting my computer.

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